English Cyberface Tutorial

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  • Annti's Cyberface Tutorial


    I decided to make a FAC0 tutorial, so the rookies get it started. smile.gif

    First of all, if the guy you’re doing, hasn’t got a proper model, you need to find it for yourself.

    So I’m doing Roberto Luongo on Scott Niedermayer’s model.

    Step 1: Open the texture (FAC0) you have exported with FSHX with Photoshop


    Step 2: Open the picture of the guy you’re doing.


    Step 3: Select the face of the player with magnetic lasso for example


    Step 4: When the whole head is circled with magnetic lasso, you have to click it with the right mouse-button and select “Layer via copy”. Now the head-layer should appear to the layers-box in the right.


    Step 5: Now you can duplicate the head to the actual FAC0. Right click the head layer and select duplicate layer. After that, the box should appear. Select the destination you want the layer to go, the FAC0. For me it’s Niedermayer.bmp, as you can see.


    Step 6: Now the head should be on the FAC0. But there’s plenty of stuff to do to get it look right.


    Step 7: Rotate the head, if it’s needed.


    Step 8: This is the main part on doing a FAC0. If you screw this part up, it will look like crap ingame. Matching the proportions. Take the opacity down a little from the head layer to see the FAC0 under it.

    Step 9: Now we’re on the part, when it comes to my first secret. Extending the face. You can do it by smudge, or Filter ----> Liquify----->Forward Warp Tool, or use multiple layers of the face (I won’t tell how wink.gif )


    Step 10: As you can see, it looks very bad. There’s “bumps” in the face. This is when it comes to personal tastes. You can either use airbrush or clone to cover them up. Airbrush is better, but you need to finish it well to make it look good.

    Step 11: Little bit of airbrush here and there, and the face is done. There’s still the hair and the main skin to do.