VHA S6 GM of the Year recipient

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  • We decided to do something a little different this year.

    Like all past GMotYear recipients, this GMs represents everything that VHA stands for - and then some.

    Regarding gameplay, he has always played the game the right way. Almost too pure. It's not about winning with him. It's about playing realistically, no matter the outcome.

    Trade talk, hockey talk, small talk, tech talk, newbie help, gif sharing, you name it, this GM is up for anything.

    On a personal level, he's a great listener and knows how to cheer you up, sense of humor is off the charts.

    Builds a franchise like no other. From top to bottom.

    Gets involved in every single aspect of the league, from start to finish.

    Will sprinkle the messageboard with entertaining stories throughout the year.

    When we say everyone has a personal life, this guy was not spared this year.

    Without divulging too much personal detail, let's just say having a baby was just a small part of it.

    Even when he had to step away to take care of real life issues, he often times kept in touch on Discord, staying connected almost daily regardless.

    This is without a single doubt, the clearest proof that regardless of your personal situation, you can always make a bit of time for VHA, when you care about VHA.

    ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, this GM is a VHA Admin, which comes with a whole other level of league responsibilities.

    I've known this guy for over almost two decades. He has never been about the rewards and being part of the admin team should not prevent him from getting this recognition.

    This year has been an amazing culmination of too many events, personal and VHA related. The all mighty cosmos wanted it this way, including the GMotYear award.

    Please join me in presenting this Award for the GM of the Year for Season 6 to: Bill Roark

    Congratulations buddy.

    Honorable mentions to Roi, Krys the Hammer and Jamie for registering the top 3 highest marks. You will all be rewarded for your high marks.

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