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  • Every time you sub, you help a GM in need.

    As a token of appreciation, taking in consideration your report card grade, the league returns credits that can be use to purchase goodies, such as:


    Hot streak - 5 credits

    Injury heal (short term) - 5 credits (less than 10 days)

    Injury heal (long term) - 10 credits (10 days or more)

    Get out of the next randomizer run injury free - 20 credits

    Extra, in season, 25% of contract buyout - 5 credits

    Extra, in season, 50% of contract buyout - 10 credits

    Extra, in season, FREE contract buyout (limit 1 use per season) - 20 credits

    PLAYOFF injury heal (limit 1 use per season) - 30 credits


    Extra free contract buyout: 15 credits

    Supplemental draft picks (maximum of 1 pick per round, i.e. 58 credits for a full cycle):

    30 subs for a 1st round supplemental pick

    15 subs for a 2nd round supplemental pick

    8 subs for a 3rd round supplemental pick

    4 subs for a 4th round supplemental pick

    1 subs for a 5th round supplemental pick

    VHA admins receive 25 credits bonus for keeping the league running smoothly year round.

    The following (bonified *) sub credits are now available in each team's bank:

    priority 1: CGY-Roi 93*-58: 35

    priority 2: WPG-John 92-58: 34

    priority 3: MTL-Sergio 82*-58: 24

    priority 4: LA-Krys 76*-58: 18

    priority 5: TOR-Jamie 63*-58: 5

    priority 6: PIT-Mathias 37-35: 2

    priority 7: CAR-Larry 30* -30: 0

    priority 8: PHI-Bill 26*-24: 2

    priority 9: VAN-Owen 23-23: 0

    priority 10: DAL-Lucas 16-16: 0

    priority 11: DET-Rich 10-9: 1

    priority 12: NYI-Jake 7-5: 2

    priority 13: COL-Gavyn 7-5: 2

    Thank you to all the subbers for another season of phenomenal kick ass subbing!

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