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  • SUBBED FOR BUF vs DET game played - 02/12/2021 21:15 - 22:15hrs EST WIN 5 - 4 BUF 8)

    Game Highlights -

    Sabres hosting the Wings. The Wings have been holding their own in the early part of the season with 7 wins. Hoping easily to dispatching the Sabres this evening and moving on. This wasn't the Wings night!

    DET - Opens the scoring with Strome scoring a PP goal unassisted @ 11:21 midway through the 1st.

    BUF roars back and Krejci scores also an unassisted PP goal 1:06 secs @ 12:27 tying the game and making the Wings rethink their game strategy.

    BUF takes the lead with Panarin's goal from team mate Krejci feed @ 16:12

    DET - Wings regroup and on the feed from (Vesalalien, Lemieux) Copp scores a beauty to tie the score 2 - 2 going into the 1st intermission.

    2nd Period -

    DET - Wings come out more aggressive but only managed to to pot one goal from E. Kane's rebound PP goal from (Severson's) point blast @ 9:53

    BUF - managed to shut down the Wings offensive push. However they didn't get any good scoring chances as well.

    3rd Period -

    DET - Wings again score on the PP with the Sabres continued march to the penalty box from Hertel's dirty rebound after (Connor, Zadorov) try their best to pot the goal. Wings take a commanding 4 - 2 lead early in the 3rd @ 6:08

    BUF - Sabres have seen this before and down in the 3rd chasing a lead. They come back with a flurry of action resulting in 3 unanswered goals.

    BUF - Sabres score with a (Barrie) feed to Panarin who goes on a breakaway and scores a beauty undressing the defense and Andersen to tuck it in the far side to get closer to tying the game 33 secs after the Wings PP goal @ 6:41.

    BUF - Sabres (Eakin) on the forecheck trap 2 of the Wing's defenders behind their net and steal the puck resulting in an attempted wrap around leaving a huge open net situation where defensemen Goodrow picks up the loose puck and pots the goal @ 8:06 in a wide open net tying the game 4 - 4.

    BUF - shutting down Wings flurry of shots and desperation to get the lead back Sabres Hall gets a breakaway feed from (Pesce) @ 14:50 and scores to take the lead once more making it 5 - 4 with less then 6 minutes left to play in regulation Sabres manage to stave of a tie and steal the win with a 3 goal unanswered romp of the Motorcity Wings. A huge win for the struggling Sabres!

    (John hosted direct no connection issues, no stream)

    (submitted) 02/12/2021 23:27hrs) 8)

  • 01/14/21 Oilers 3 vs Avalanche 2 (Gavyn)

    01/17/21 CGY (Roi) 0 - 1 EDM

    01/21/21 Oilers 3 vs Avalanche 2 (Gavyn)

    01/23/21 Oilers 2 vs Wild 4(Russel subbed)

    01/26/21 Oilers 2 vs Canucks 1 shootout (Owen)

    01/29/21 Oilers 3 vs Wild 2 (krys subbed in)

    02/01/21 Oilers 2 vs Flames 4 (Roi)

    02/06/21 Oilers 4 vs Canucks 3 (Owen)

    02/08/21 Oilers 5 vs Bruins 1 (Roi subbed)

    02/09/21 Oilers 3 vs Capitals 4 (Sergio subbed)

    02/11/21 Oilers 5 vs Sharks 2 (John subbed in)

    02/14/21 Oilers 3 vs Ducks 0 (Krys subbed in)

    02/17/21 Oilers 4 vs Stars 2 (Lucas)

    02/18/21 Oilers 2 vs Blue Jackets 3 (Lucas subbed in)

    02/19/21 Oilers 5 vs Wings 3 (Rich)

  • SUBBED FOR SJS vs NJD game played - 02/22/2021 22:25 - 23:25hrs EST - WIN 3 -1 NJD (REG)

    (subbed for SJS CPU) John hosted direct, connection excellent, Riley streamed


    SUBBED FOR NYR vs LAK game played - 02/24/2021 15:15 -16:15hrs EST

    WIN 2 -1 NYR (REG)

    (subbed for NYR CPU) Krys hosted through HAM, connection excellent, Kyrs streamed

    He did mention he had some lag issue even though it wasn't present during the game, I told him to check his equipment, reset router, etc.


    SUBBED FOR TO vs NSH game played - 02/25/2021 16:50 -17:50hrs EST

    WIN 9 -4 TO (REG)

    (subbed for TO CPU) Krys subbed for NSH (CPU), he hosted through HAM, connection excellent, no stream


    SUBBED FOR NYR vs TO game played - 02/25/2021 21.00hrs -22:00hrs EST

    WIN 2 -1 TO (REG)

    (subbed for NYR CPU) Lucas subbed for TO (CPU), John hosted direct, connection excellent, no stream


    SUBBED FOR BUF vs NYR game played - 03/01/2021 00.00hrs -01:00hrs EST

    LOSS 8 -7 BUF (OT/SO)

    (subbed for BUF CPU) Lucas subbed for NYR (CPU), John hosted direct, connection excellent, no stream


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