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  • Welcome to the Virtual Hockey Association - in operation since 2004!

    With currently over 20 dedicated GMs from 7 countries, we are currently taking applications for the upcoming season.

    Time flies when you're having fun, and we make sure there's alot of that to go around.

    VHA is a fantasy keeper league where all members coach and play their own games, build their roster like a true General Manager and aspire to win the VHA Cup year round - all this in a friendly environment ran by experienced long time members.

    The league uses Commissioner Mode in NHL 09. This server-client set up allows for online matches with players around the world with no hassle about roster sync and stats reporting. Check out Our website here


    This game has been revamped from top to bottom.


    Thanks to contribution from dedicated Wasserlasser forum members, the game smells fresh and new every year.

    From arenas, ice surfaces, goalie equipment, jersey addons, sticks, pucks, skates - everything you can think of is in here.





    The league uses its own custom rosters of over 1,300 players that are continuously being updated for the most realistic and accurate roster year round.



    This member-only group is a great place to talk trade, talk hockey or share your favorite .gifs?

    It's also convenient to stay up to date with league events, trade blocks and official trades, weekly games and other announcements.

    General Manager aspect

    Don't let our simplified cap system fool you. Tough decisions need to be made and you are the man in charge.

    Oh yeah, and we have an entry Draft just like the pros do :)


    Coaching/playing games

    Our 58 game season allows us to slow down during the calendar year. We do not blast thru seasons.

    If you can commit to playing 2 games per week, you are fit to be a VHA member.

    Twitch feeds - Streaming!

    Check out my channel for a VHA gameplay preview

    Are you ready to take your team to the top?

    Post here if you're interested in joining by leaving your top 3 team selections here or feel free to add me on Discord.

    Team 1:

    Team 2:

    Team 3:

    Your name:

    Your country of location:

    our Discord ID:

    Teams currently available are:

    Buffalo Sabres

    Chicago Blackhawks

    Columbus Blue Jackets

    Nashville Predators

    Seattle Kraken

    San Jose Sharks

    Vegas Golden Knights

    Washington Capitals

    See you on the ice!

    -VHA Admins