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NCAA 19 Legacy

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  • [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/iSJBfnH.png]

    NCAA 19 Legacy
    NCAA 19 Legacy is project based on not-released and unfinished project NCAA 09 started at December 2015. NCAA 09 first (Alpha) version was released in September 2017 (you can still download it here ). In the 09 version were 15 teams. There were also been planned 3 Expansion packs with Boston, Minnesota and mixed teams, but it was never released. Also 09 version had NCAA arena, puck, goal horns, Frozen Four ice and many more. NCAA 19 Legacy project will have 30 teams, from every side of United States. Another cons included in 09 project was fully manual installation with renaming teams IDs and team names. NCAA 19 project will have automatic installation without any manual edit, only copy and paste to game folder + addon_installer.bat installation.

    Here are every details:
    - 30 teams which will be available as AHL teams in game (list of teams available down below ↓ )
    - 2 custom arenas

    - ices, jerseys, logos etc....


    - AHL roster, not authentic NCAA roster

    Download link: Filebase

    NCAA 19 will have Elite Roster 2.0 version rosters so before installation you will have to backup your files! All leagues will be updated to late May 2018.

    List of teams:

    1. Air Force Academy 11. Ohio State 21. Univ. of Michigan
    2. Arizona State 12. Penn State 22. Univ. of Minnesota
    3. Army West Point 13. Providence College 23. Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth
    4. Bemidji State 14. St. Cloud State 24. Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha
    5. Boston College 15. UMass Lowell 25. Univ. of North Dakota
    6. Boston University 16. Union College 26. Univ. of Notre Dame
    7. Harvard 17. Univ. of Alabama-Huntsville 27. Univ. of Western Michigan
    8. Miami-Ohio University 18. Univ. of Alaska-Anchorage 28. Univ. of Wisconsin
    9. Michigan State 19. Univ. of Denver 29. Yale
    10. Michigan Tech 20. Univ. of Maine 30. Colorado College (Custom Team)

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/IEfivBa.png]

    Eastern Conference
    Western Conference

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/odkCcX1.png]

    Current progress: Link

    Here you can find out table of team conferences and divisions: Link

    NCAA available rivalries:
    Boston rivalry between Boston Univ. and Boston College
    Harvard vs Yale - rivalry between two best colleges in the world
    Army vs Air Force - military rivalry
    Alaska-Anchorage vs Alabama-Huntsville/Arizona State - north vs south rivalry
    Michigan Tech, Michigan Univ. , Michigan State, Western Michigan - battle of Michigan
    Minnesota-Duluth vs Minnesota Univ. - Minnesota rivalry
    North Dakota vs Nebraska-Omaha - northwestern plains rivalry
    Air Force vs Denver Univ. vs Colorado College - battle of Colorado

    Ices preview
    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/8ssaons.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/oQTD8dY.png]

    [Blocked Image: http://www.imagehosting.cz/images/alltorfs.png]

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/Ve2nW8L.jpg]

    *Logo previews are not captured from the game

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    Kane98 i read you edit NCAA 18 to the slot of AHL, is that right? And do you want to edit the AHL-Roster to NCAA-Roster? I ask, because i´m updating WaLa-Roster, now im updating NHL and AHL-Roster´next time. So it will be possible to do an other update for NCAA too. Maybe with two different roster (WaLa and NCAA instead of AHL). Waht do you think about it?

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