English How to change a torf name?

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  • Tutorial how to change a torf name

    For example, you want to change this Detroit torf name -



    local.viv ( it's located in your NHL09/fe folder ) in bigGUI and export file frontEnglish.bin to desktop. Then open frontEnglish.bin in EA Strings Editor 3.0. Now click on plus sign and in opened window enter text - write what name of torf you want see in game and click OK.

    You can get EA Strings Editor here.


    Now in Hash String window you must write that default, game generated torf name and for this torf it's a det_vintage_4 ( you don't need write a $ sign in front of text ), after that click on Hash button, then save and close EA Strings Editor 3.0.


    Now you need this bat file - https://drive.google.com/file/…uc1JOUlU/view?usp=sharing Thanks Tomahawk for .bat file!

    Copy Strings.bat and frontEnglish.bin to your NHL09 folder and run Strings.bat ( you don't need run BHimport, because it's imported in Strings.bat ).

    Now run game and check your torf name!



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  • Hi, I need help ... what is the procedure to make the third jersey (alternative) as seen as the original home-outside. Thanks for the anwers.¨