English How and where should I install NHL 09?

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  • Check this to make sure you install NHL 09 in the right place

    As soon as you get the install screen check install.


    Enter the registration code


    Agree to the License Agreement and the End User Agreement

    Install3.png  Install4.png

    Select the folder where you want to install NHL 09 to.

    I always suggest to install NHL 09 in a custom folder and not the suggested folder. This guarantees a problem free installation of your AddOns.

    In my case I selected drive M and folder NHL 09


    I never install the Download Manager


    The game has been installed and can be played.


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  • I saw your post on Toolbox to say don't install in C drive. You should stress it more to say that you strongly recommend to install the game not in the C drive, due to problems it will cause you down the road installing mods with Toolbox. It may be misleading just to say "I always suggest to install NHL 09 in a custom folder and not the suggested folder." Because custom folder could still mean in the C drive.

    Just giving you a person's impression off of what you wrote, and to my knowledge, it could be misleading. Just here to help :)

    • I wanted to be nice and suggest things so I don't come across as bossy :-)