amnesiac's roster (2019-20 updates) 1.26c

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Amnesiac Roster
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These are highly accurate up to date rosters and player attributes for NHL09 on PC. Updated for NHL teams only (as well as the top National Teams: CAN, USA, RUS, SWE, CZE, FIN, SVK, (EUR, NA).

amnesiac's roster 2019-20

These are highly accurate up to date rosters and player attributes for NHL09 on PC. They are updated for Updated for NHL teams only (as well as the top National Teams: CAN, USA, RUS, SWE, CZE, FIN, SVK, (EUR, NA). The AHL, Euro, and KHL teams are not updated. Personally, I have no interest in updating these.... Roster is updated regularly, see version for most recent updates.

Team lines are done by myself and may not be accurate to date, as they get changed too often in real life.... Players' salaries are not updated, as the league cap cannot be changed.

The height and weight for 95% of the NHL players has been adjusted to 6'1, 205 lbs. The reason for this is because tall and heavy players are too slow, while short and light players are too fast in the game. This way Im able to adjust the players' speed and acceleration relative to each other without having to guess, as speed is the most important/dominant attribute in the game. That being said, I do slightly adjust the extreme tall players to have some noticeable appearance in the game (ie. 6'4 players are put to 6'2, 6'5 to 6'3, etc). All in all its barely noticeable, and it makes the game more fair, in my opinion. No I will not change them back.

Created teams:

- Vegas Golden Knights (Eastern All-Stars)

Vegas ice (rename ICE_230.fsh to ICE_030.fsh)

Vegas logos

Vegas jerseys

- Team Europe (Team Japan) from the 2016 WCH (players such as: Hossa, Kopitar, Halak, Chara, Josi...).

- Team NA (23 and under) (Team Kazakhstan) from the 2016 WCH (players such as: McDavid, MacKinnon, Gaudreau, Eichel, Ekblad...).

- Additional NHL "All-Star teams". Apart from actual 2018 All-Star teams (Western and North America), Ive created 3 pairs of the best possible teams from East and West under: All-Star A East and West, All-Star B, and All-Star C.

- Battle of Canada tournament. 3 teams: Team West (BC, AB, SK, MB), Team Ontario, and Team East (QC and Maritimes).

- "All-Time Legends" teams, including players such as: Gretzky, Orr, Lemieux, Roy, Plante, Lafleur, Richard, Bossy to name a few. The 2 teams are Team Gretzky and Team Orr. See below for facepack and cybers (credit to Turbo 6, Slomo76, Jo-Naz, heninsh).

- "Young Gun Teams" consisting of current NHLers and prospects born in 1994 or later. The 2 teams are under the Colorado Eagles and Mississippi Riverkings.

You will find all 11 of these teams in the Amnesiac's All-Stars league. Hope you like them.

Installation Instructions

** Please BACKUP your exhibition.exh, db.viv, and local.viv files before proceeding **

Step 1:

Copy and Paste or unzip exhibition.exh and exhibition.exha.tdb to your USER or My Documents\NHL09 FOLDER. Say Yes to overwriting the files.

Step 2:

Copy and Paste or unzip db.viv to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09\db FOLDER. Say Yes to overwriting the file.

Step 3:

Copy and Paste or unzip local.viv to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09\fe FOLDER. Say Yes to overwriting the file. (credit to CGYFlames for string edits)

Step 4:

Copy and Paste or unzip BHimport09_with_IDX, genbhnhl, gfxpak, IMPBig to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09 FOLDER (if you dont have them already).

Step 5:

Download and install pmomo2006's Play by Play, follow his instructions

Run the Toolbox

That should do it!


-- If you have problems running the game after following these steps and you have Vista or Win 7/8/10, I suggest disabling the UAC as it blocks BHimport from copying the files Disable User Account Control (UAC) the Easy Way on Win 7, 8, or 10 . Although please beware as this makes your computer more vulnerable.

-- You should get Jason King's icepack 16 and lprow28's Sochi 2014 Olympics Icepack (and boards) to play with the National teams (links below):

Jason King's Icepack 16 (HD),

Newest NHL Icepack -…ategory-file-list/75-nhl/

lprow28's Sochi 2014 Icepack,

Shadow's Vancouver boards ver 3.2,

-- The All-Time Legends teams facepack and cybers can be downloaded here,

Copy all big, ebo, and fsh files to your C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09 FOLDER.

Run the Toolbox

Enjoy my roster :S

  • Version 1.26c

    a few updates

  • Version 1.26b

    updated jersey numbers

  • Version 1.26

    Trade Dreadline deals --->

    some rookies added

    new jersey numbers not updated yet

  • Version 1.25

    I.Kovalchuk, M.Scandella to MTL

    M.Frolik to BUF

    J.Williams to CAR

    some rookies added

  • Version 1.24

    C.Stephenson to VGK

    R.Fabbri, B.Perlini to DET

    J.De La Rose to STL

    E.Gudbranson to ANA

    A.Martinsen to PIT

    several rookies added (20 GP +)

  • Version 1.23

    P.Marleau to SJ

    V.Namestnikov to OTT

    J.Faulk to STL

    J.Gardiner, J.Edmundson to CAR

    T.Rieder to CGY

    several rookies added, more to come
    most jersey # updated, please let me know which are not

  • Version 1.22

    J.Neal to EDM

    M.Lucic to CGY

    N.Gusev to NJD

    K.Shattenkirk, P.Maroon, M.Condon to TBL

    V.Nichushkin to COL

    C.Priskie to CAR

    D.Brassard to NYI

    R.Callahan to OTT

    A.Erne to DET

    D.Clarkson to TOR

    G.Sparks to VGK

  • Version 1.21b

    M.Ferland to VAN

    R.Dzingel to CAR

    M.Johansson to BUF

    B.Chiarot, N.Cousins to MTL

    some rookies added

  • Version 1.21

    Free agent frenzy -->

    jersey numbers to be updated

  • Version XXXXX


  • Hey Amnesiac, I have another question for you. Since I dont have excel Im starting New PBP 10 feb 2019 with OpenOffice and I just can't understand how to find my nhlview directory . This ''Edit your DB.viv files in Nhlview with the correct PBP ID from my files.'' I dont understand neither. Following question is could I run the game with the updated patch without instaling that audio pack by just following steps 1-4 and then run the toolbox? Thanks in advance!

  • Thank you guys for keep updating the roster and all the stuff for nhl09. I have downloaded the patch years ago and I was having awesome experience playing the updated game. I have 2 questions for you Amnesiac - could I still play online games(with hamachi or real ip) if I have the updated roster but my opponent does not or we both have it? Also, turning off UAC I remember is so you can start the game, but can I turn on UAC againe every time when I exit the game? Would this couse any problems with starting the game the next time?

  • Hi thanks

  • Amazing work - thanks man!

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  • Nice work. Always loved your roster

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  • can somebody, or u do KHL Rooster?

  • good work as always, thx man for updating roster :)

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  • No Kakko or Hughes?

    • Sorry, Im blind or something. Didnt see them...

  • Thank you Amnesiac for continued roster updates..good job..!!!

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  • Hey

    Patrick Marley is missing

  • i mean what i need to work this...i have instaled toolbox,do i need all version of the rooster or latest ???

  • hello can you help me instal this...sry i m new to this.Tnx in advance

  • I tried several times to install the roster but i keep getting a error running bhimport,uac is off,running win10x64,game installed into c:nhl09,can anyone help me fix this problem?thanks.

  • Thanks for the roster update...I installed it & it works fine. The roster updates are what keep NHL09 fresh & fun to play...thanks again for all your fine work!

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  • Thanks for your work!

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  • Hey there is an issue where the soundtrack won't play in the menu when I apply your update. Do you have any fixes?

    • audio has nothing to do with my roster files... ask in the forums

  • Thank you, as always.

    Just FYI Kulak in Montreal is a lefty, not a righty.

  • Thank you Amnesiac for this updated roster.

  • Thank you for your work...Amnesiac.

    • ask in the forums.... everything should work fine

    • oops, ignore that... and thanks

  • Hey I followed the instructions and installed all the additional files recommended but Vegas has the Eastern All Stars logo, jerseys, and their ice is messed up. Is there anything known to cause this or anything I'm missing when installing it?

    • ask in the forums.... everything should work fine

  • sorry to bother guys im p new and im not sure if this is right place to ask but are there any graphic enchancement mods as well as eu roster updates?

  • No idea why, but i can't get past the loading screen anymore. It worked before but started to not randomly yesterday

  • Hi amnesiac, I play alot of International games. Could you put goalies on France and Switzerland at your next update so the games run properly. I allways have to add them after every update. Thanks

  • Hi, good roster as always... just one thng. Washington has only 1 goalkeeper, so I have problems with that in season :).

    • And I've got a question. Is it possible to change rosters during a season, or I have to complete season with rosters I started with?

    • yes I noticed, will update soon.... As for the season roster, I dont think its possible. Best to ask in the forums.

    • Ty for reply, love you and your rosters <3

  • Hi I am really new to this. I love the updated roster. CAn someone point me to where I can find the updated mod that has the stadiums , teams, uniforms, ice rinks for nhl 09 pc?

  • I wanted to ask for the reason why all of the players had such low ratings. Compared to nhl 18 the overalls of the teams are like -4, -5 overall. For example in nhl 18 karlson has a rating of 91, but in your roster hes barely like an 86 or something like that. There are like two defensemen who are 85+ so this really makes the nhl seem like all the defensemen suck. Is there a real reason behind making the players have low ratings? Is it because making the players have higher ratings would make them glitchy or OP or what?

    • its how theyve always been, but its all relative anyways. Whats the difference? Theyre just numbers.

    • Overall isnt the best way to judge theyre skill anyway. Less important categories like: Agression, hitting, fighting, faceoffs, potential, hero rating, prestige all factor in the overall rating.

      Speed is what I base their "rank" on, and I play around that.

  • Hey, Im kinda new here, so pardon me if this is a stupid question, but whenever I select to play dynasty mode and do a fantasy draft, right after the draft ends and I press begin season by game crashes. This doesnt happen if I dont do the fantasy draft and just play with regular roster. Moreover, my game crashes the same when I tried to be a pro and after I created my player the game crashed. How do I fix this and is it even possible?

    • no idea, sorry. You can ask in the forums maybe

  • Amnesiac no offense but I cant find Dallas Stars - Gemel Smith in your roster. Could my install of roster be messed up. Does anyone know if gemel smith is in the game?

    • Also Texas Stars - Dillon Heatherington and San Jose Sharks - Brendan Dillion. Again I'm not complaning just noticed.

    • Smith I believe I added recently, he'll be in the update this evening.

      Heathington Im not going to bother, hes only played 5 games or so.

      Dillon is definitely there on SJS.

    • Thanks. Yeah my fault on Dillon. I looked in nhlview and must have spelled it wrong because I looked again and see him.

  • Does anyone know if the T Mobile arena on here will work with Amnesiacs rosters? I tried a jersey pack that said it was for wasserlasser rosters and they didnt work with amnesiacs rosters. I have Las Vegas Ice but still has canadians scoreboard.

    • all the Vegas add-ons are in my roster description and shows what to do.