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CASE STUDY: NHL2K23 on pc will absolutely DESTROY the NHL moddingsly scene???

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  • HHey Guys (Alps here). Sory if I sound weird, I have (been sick) . As a Yearslongs moders in this modding community I am worried for the future of our Craft; of course, what I speak of is the possibility that NHL2K22 will absolutely Obliterate! this moddingsly community for classic NHL games. Many MANY generations have by so far gone by, for moddings, wherein we have Grown, Matured, sometimes even gotten sick, died, and then gone on the HAVE FAMILIES!!! So it is a timeless art, it MUST continue on into the future. But what worries me is the Up and Cumming FROSTBITE! Now, you may be thinking to yourself 1 of too things: either "alp has been spending too much time in the icy peaks of the Alps", or, "Alps, wtf there canNOT be frosbite because of Global Warmsing. NO i tell you. NO!!!!! It isnot like that at all, no... See, the frosbiten ENGINE is incumming to the NHL scene... quite apropos considering we are talking about HOCKEY here... Anyhows, I am now worried because NFL2KMADDEN came to pc after cumming to forsbite however it was after 2 years... that means it is likely that now with NHL going to that same engine NHL will cum to pc within this year or next!!! Excited I am, yes, but that means it is also possible that the demand for us Old Tyme modders may DRASTICALLY DECREASW and also that some of the modders themselves may leave the cummunity for greener pastures (or slicker ice). 3 questions, then: 1. What are your thoughts your thoughts on this 2. Will you play NHL2K22/leave the cummunity if it cums to pc???

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    Alpgrindman I´m on NHL09 community for many years. I ´ve an old PC to play NHL09 and love to play NHL09. I have no Playstation or X-Box, because i´m happy and it´s enough for me to play NHL09 on PC. Nothing will affect me spending money on a game just because it's supposed to be newer and better. I am old enough and do not need anything like that.

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  • Pound That is good to hear, it is true that the old NHL games have a certain charm that cannot be replicated even with NEW AND ADVANCED projects. I hope for many more to say the same and stick around!!!

    Icetiger1067 You make a very good point, I had not thought of that that the old technology is most suitable for CLASSIC NHL GAMES. It will still always have a use for that and for the nostalgic aspects, and newer doesn't ALWAYS MEAN BETTER in some circumstances.

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  • Darksodom This may in fact be true and if NHL doesn't come to PC this year or next it will likely absolutely be true. People thought the same about Madden but it did return to pc after the switch to Frostbite... so who knows!!! I am sure EA is very accustomed to the threat of piracy, they have many many AAA games on pc and only became MORE exposed to the PC community after their move to populate the Steam store. If they are ok with putting Madden back on pc it is likely that they have FAITH in their DRM!!! Plus let's not forget that the online services wouldn't work with cracked versions.

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